wow!lotto Makes Players Dreams Come True!

The month of February kicked off on a wow! note with Nigeria’s First Online Interactive Lottery, wow!lotto’s Valentine Campaign titled “Wow Tales of Love”. Players participated by sharing stories of their loved ones and what they would like to gift them on Valentine’s day. 

In the spirit of love and sharing, wow!lotto, came through for the three (3) winners of the Valentine campaign by gifting their loved ones their exact request in their social media entries. The winners of the campaign were selected based on their compelling love stories and also being active players on wow!lotto.

Speaking about the campaign, Marketing Manager, wow!lotto, Esther Abu commented, “It’s such an exciting time in the year where we get to share and show love.  We are quite delighted at the participation of players  who shared their Wow Tales of Love. As a brand, wow!lotto feels fulfilled making these wow players’ dreams come true and we also take pride in the fact that we are a brand that cares.”

Chibuzor Onugha from Onitsha, one of the three winners, surprised his wife on her birthday  with a nice smartphone which wow!lotto got as his Valentine’s wish.

Benny from Enugu, also one of the winners, requested that wow!lotto elevated his mother’s petty trading business with a deep freezer.

Victor Okechukwu from Nnewi, the last of the three winners, made his colleague happy this love season by replacing his lost phone with a smartphone courtesy of wow!lotto.

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