New Bonus Game Feature- Wheel of Fortune

The excitement never drops with wow!lotto. We keep coming up with new game features to thrill our players.

In our bid to reward Nigerians’ passion for adventure and gaming, We have an exciting new feature on our lottery platform, wow!lotto called Wheel of Fortune.

Here’s a chance for our active players to get rewarded and also an opportunity for our inactive players to get back on our game platform to enjoy these exciting rewards. The more players bet, the more chances they get to win not only cash prizes but also non-cash prizes like iPhone, TV, or Generator set.

Wheel of fortune is played by spinning a wheel divided into sectors, where each sector indicates an opportunity to win one cash or non-cash prize. The result of the Game is determined according to the information indicated on the wheel sector that has stopped after the spin at the special marker.

This sector of the wheel with a marker indicates the User’s prize.If User wins the cash prize the corresponding amount of money is to be credited to the User’s game account of the Lottery (could be spent for Lottery bets only). If User wins a non-cash prize the Promoter contacts them within 3 business days and tells them how to get the prize.